Sunday, December 27, 2009

Year of HAED Stitching

I noticed that you can get a journal made of your Blog and I thought it would be interesting to do a special Blog on Heaven and Earth Designs  or HAED that I love to stitch.

A little background on my stitching of HAED designs. I discovered these designs about 4 years ago when I was looking for challenging pieces to stitch.  I am not a fan of small quick designs (I get really frustrated with constantly finishing). I really like to get my teeth into larger charts.  I had tried a little over 1 stitching and felt fairly confident in my ability to try one of these big designs.  I was mainly into the classical designs of HAED and then slowly  my tastes changed and I started looking at the modern artwork.  I was not a fan of Quick Stitches (QS) either but as it was taking me so long to stitch on the full sized one I decided to give one a try and again got hooked on the QS's. Funny how one's tastes change.

My finishes to date are 1 full size and 5 QS's. I have 7 full size WIP's and 2 QS WIP that I haven't worked on in a while.  I am concentrating on finishing Leaf - artwork Selina Fenech and Crabby Crush QS - artwork Hannah Lynn. I am hoping to finish both of these in the year 2010.

My favourite fabric to stitch these on is 28ct linen or evenweave.  I don't mind either.

I am sure I will think of more things to add after publishing this.   I will do a slide show of my finishes and WIP's.  I intend to do an update every Sunday.  I am looking forward to getting 2010 started.

To me it is all about the journey of stitching these beautiful pieces.

Annette B