Sunday, December 27, 2009

Year of HAED Stitching

I noticed that you can get a journal made of your Blog and I thought it would be interesting to do a special Blog on Heaven and Earth Designs  or HAED that I love to stitch.

A little background on my stitching of HAED designs. I discovered these designs about 4 years ago when I was looking for challenging pieces to stitch.  I am not a fan of small quick designs (I get really frustrated with constantly finishing). I really like to get my teeth into larger charts.  I had tried a little over 1 stitching and felt fairly confident in my ability to try one of these big designs.  I was mainly into the classical designs of HAED and then slowly  my tastes changed and I started looking at the modern artwork.  I was not a fan of Quick Stitches (QS) either but as it was taking me so long to stitch on the full sized one I decided to give one a try and again got hooked on the QS's. Funny how one's tastes change.

My finishes to date are 1 full size and 5 QS's. I have 7 full size WIP's and 2 QS WIP that I haven't worked on in a while.  I am concentrating on finishing Leaf - artwork Selina Fenech and Crabby Crush QS - artwork Hannah Lynn. I am hoping to finish both of these in the year 2010.

My favourite fabric to stitch these on is 28ct linen or evenweave.  I don't mind either.

I am sure I will think of more things to add after publishing this.   I will do a slide show of my finishes and WIP's.  I intend to do an update every Sunday.  I am looking forward to getting 2010 started.

To me it is all about the journey of stitching these beautiful pieces.

Annette B


Lisa said...

Lovely to see you've started a blog solely for your HAED's, will be following it with interest. Just wish I could stitch on my HAED's as fast as you!

Maxine said...

HI Annette :) I popped across to your blog after seeing your full size finish on the HAED SAL blog. She is just fabulous and you must be so proud of yourself for finishing a full size one I know I was when I finished mine. I am really looking forward to seeing your wip's each week. I too have got quite a few HAED wip's on the go none of which are QS's and I get HAED startitis a lot as well lol.

CHIKI said...

todos sus trabajos Haed
son preciosos
La seguire todas las semanas
Quiero empezar mi primer Haed
Pero antes tengo que terminar mis ufos

un beso

Chars said...

I look forward to watching your progress on here :) I am not game to even try a HEAD yet!!