Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Day Has Come Update

I did about 5 hrs on this last week.  I have been having trouble with my eyes, I am wearing contact lens at the moment and they seem to be pulling my eyes and giving me constant headaches.  I am not sure what I will have to do.  I only wear them when I stitch 1x1 but by the end of the day I have a terrible headache which is frustrating me no end.

I love the colours in this piece and cannot wait to start stitching some of the butterfly.

Thank you all for your comments they are much appreciated.
Annette B

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Day Has Come

I managed to get a little done on this. I am having eye trouble and am not sure whether it is because I am again stitching light colours on light fabric. I can see alright if I wear my contact with my magnifying glasses. The contacts are day lenses and I will take them in and out when I stitch on A New Day. Well last week one tore as I put it in my eye and I couldn't get the other part out and had to go to the optometrist to get it out. So I am not quite sure what to do at this stage.

I am looking forward to getting this page stitched and starting on the next row with the butterfly in it.

Annette B

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2 New Starts

I have joined in the HAED Freebie SAL 2011 and I have chosen Terra to stitch. So here is the first month's SAL.  I didn't get a huge amount done but I have started.

I have no intention of finishing it this year.

The other new start that I had is a SAL which my friend and I are doing.  It is called Please My Wings Take Me Away we have both had the background removed. I spent most of the time gridding to make sure I was starting in the right place.

I couldn't find my bf 032 and I had a really old skein of it but guess what bf has a shelf life.  It was impossible to stitch with and kept breaking.   I had some bf 100 which is a little whiter and have decided to stitch with that. I did eventually find the 032 that I was looking for. I am stitching it on 28ct linen called Phoneix from Picture This Plus

Annette B

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Year another Page

I just love how this is looking after page 1.  It has been hard going, stitching on the Opalescent and I won't ever use it again for over 1.   I have been getting lots of headaches and was wondering whether it has been stitching without glasses.

I still have not started Terra for the SAL yet.  Hopefully this afternoon I will get her started and will stitch on her tomorrow too.  

My next stitching is 2 pages of A New Day Has Come. I can't wait to get back to this one - there are some exciting pages to stitch.

I also sent in Leaf and Crabby Crush QS for the HAED  Rewards program so now I have to sit back and wait for Tree of Life - Marchetti (I have been eyeing this off for some time) and CCKuik's Crimson Dream QS.  It was so hard picking out a QS as there are soooo many beautiful ones.

Annette B