Sunday, January 9, 2011

2 New Starts

I have joined in the HAED Freebie SAL 2011 and I have chosen Terra to stitch. So here is the first month's SAL.  I didn't get a huge amount done but I have started.

I have no intention of finishing it this year.

The other new start that I had is a SAL which my friend and I are doing.  It is called Please My Wings Take Me Away we have both had the background removed. I spent most of the time gridding to make sure I was starting in the right place.

I couldn't find my bf 032 and I had a really old skein of it but guess what bf has a shelf life.  It was impossible to stitch with and kept breaking.   I had some bf 100 which is a little whiter and have decided to stitch with that. I did eventually find the 032 that I was looking for. I am stitching it on 28ct linen called Phoneix from Picture This Plus

Annette B


Terri said...

Great starts Annette

AmyJo said...

Awesome starts ! I love that red Linen you are working on, so pretty :)