Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Day Has Come Update

I did about 5 hrs on this last week.  I have been having trouble with my eyes, I am wearing contact lens at the moment and they seem to be pulling my eyes and giving me constant headaches.  I am not sure what I will have to do.  I only wear them when I stitch 1x1 but by the end of the day I have a terrible headache which is frustrating me no end.

I love the colours in this piece and cannot wait to start stitching some of the butterfly.

Thank you all for your comments they are much appreciated.
Annette B


Terri said...

What a beautiful piece. I cannot wait to see more. I`m sorry that you are getting a headache from the contacts

Judyjo said...

Annette, your work is so beautiful....I hope you find relief for your eye problem, as we would so miss seeing your stitching. I always enjoyed watching Leaf! Judy Johnson