Saturday, January 2, 2010

Week One 3rd January 2010

Week one is a short one with only 2 days so not much stitching done.  I only managed an 1hr on Crabby Crush.  I am also posting a picture of Leaf which shows where I am up to.
I am also going to give a few household hints, stitching tips, highs and lows of the week and just a few personal thoughts too.

Leaf  page 13 - 0 hours

Memory of the last 2 days:- Making potato wedges at home and taking them down to the river to eat and enjoy the evening breeze. Priceless

Crabby Crush page 5 - 1 hour
Total stitching hours = 1 hour

There is nothing better than rising before the household and sitting on the balcony with a cup of tea hearing the ocean waves, feeling the early summer breeze, watching the sunrise, listening to the birds awakening and communing with God. Priceless.

Till next week keep on stitching.

Annette B


Anonymous said...

Both of them are absolutely beautiful/stunning and I adore how my "sunburnt/cooked" crab is coming up! ROFL Thank you for having such a wonderful "waste of time"!

CHIKI said...

Todos Tus Haed
una maravilla

feliz año nuevo!!!!!!!!

Carla said...

Beautiful stitching!
Love how Crabby Crush is stitching up; have her in my stash and seeing you progress just makes me want to start her :)

Beatrice said...

Oh my this will be fun to watch...they are amazing!!!

Beatrice said...

p/s I worked on mine all evening, and will post tomorrow on the HAED SAL blog as well as my own!

Jeanne said...

Wow, Annette! I've seen many HAEDs in progress online, but I don't know anybody who has finished as many as you have (based on the pics in the left sidebar)! These two WIPs are gorgeous, too. I'll enjoy watching you stitch them.

Thanks for sharing!

Theresa said...

I haven't seen a picture of your Leaf before, it's absolutely beautiful Annette.