Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 3 - 17th Jaunary 2010

I stitched on Leaf this week and finished off page 13 and made a start on page 14.  I simply love joining the pages up and seeing the edges come together. Don't know why I get such a kick out of them joining up but I just do. I managed 5.18 hrs on her and hope to complete the monthly goal this week.  This page is so full of pale colours too so will have to stay focused

Leaf © HAED
artwork Selina Fenech
Priceless moments this week.
Watching a bird outside my stitching room have the most wonderful time in the bird bath - it has been so hot and he was getting right under the water and then he would sit on the edge shaking himself.
While hanging out clothes a baby magpie landed on the clothes line and then his mother came along and fed him.  They were so close and didn't seem to mind me at all.

Grrr moments
Computer crashing when I needed to email important documents off.  Internet slowing down because DS went over the limit.
Making a White chocolate & Macadamia Slice and DH constantly trying to lick the bowl.  After having visitors Friday night it was all gone and I said I would make another batch today.  I have the butter out softening and DH decided he wants it in a hurry so he put the butter in the microwave to soften. Now he is bugging me to hurry up and make it.........double grrrrrrr.

Have a great stitchey week and God Bless.

Annette B


Chars said...

Leaf is so pretty!! Beautiful stitching progress.

Terri said...

Leaf is absolutely beautiful. I love it.. Can you share your recipe :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I greatly admire your HAED stitching. Just beautiful!!

(slurp) I would love to lick the bowl too. ;o)

Fiona said...

Leaf is looking great so far! If DH is annoying you to make it tell him to make it himself lol

Anonymous said...

DH would like the recipe please!

Leaf is absolutely awesome! You can do it - stitch through those pale colours.

stitchinfiend said...

Fiona he did end up making it himself - well the base any way. He is quite good in the kitchen. Sometimes it is a plus and sometimes not....LOL

Shelleen said...

Love the colors in Leaf.

Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful pattern. Your doing a wonderful stitching job.

Heidi said...

How pretty leaf is turning out. Sorry your DH is being such a pain to get you to bake. I hate when men behave like that.