Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week 2 - 10th January

I got really carried away this week with Crabby Crush and in fact I stitched on her so much that I completed my monthly goal on her.  She now has the sweetest little face and you can see her glove just coming to life under her chin.

Crabby Crush QS © HAED
artwork Hannah Lynn
 Ramblings:  Why would a person steal the bottom sheet from my clothes line?
Why not just take both?
Why are there 17-20 yr old out at 2 am making a noise in the vacant land behind our unit?
Why when you tell them to move on they come around to the front of the units and try to work out the security codes to harress you?
Time wasted on stitching Crabby Crush QS - 16.17

I didn't get to work on Leaf at all last week and she is feeling a little neglected so this week it is her turn.

This weeks pricless moment:
DH helping DS#2 who has cerebal palsy enjoy himself in the surf. Brought tears to my eyes watching the enjoyment on their faces.

Have a great stitchey week and God Bless

Annette B


Anonymous said...

Wow, she really is so very beautiful! I think the photo's on the HAED site don't do her justice. When you see her stitched up, she's so much prettier. You've done a lot of work on her.

I really admire those that are working on HAED's. Any of them. I hope to do one......... one day.

Katie said...

I just wanted to post. I found your site. I love working on HAEDs too. I just had to comment here though. My 11 year old has Cerebral Palsy. Luckily he has a mild case. Only affects his legs. Just wanted to say Hi officially. I look forward to watching your blog.

Tama said...

Looks great - congratulations on making your goal!

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! Absolutely love you sharing your priceless moments with us.

Chars said...

She is soooo pretty :) Congratulations on reaching your goal. Simple answer to why someone would just steal the bottom sheet - Alot of people only use the bottom sheet.

Fiona said...

wow, she's really coming along nicely, can't wait to see your next update :) I love Leaf as well btw x

Silvia said...

Qué maravilla, adoro este Hae esta en mi lista, pero primero tengo que hacer otros que tengo empezados, pero algun dia lo hace, te esta quedando divino

Shelleen said...

Crabby Crush and Leaf look great!