Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 8 - 21st February

I am soooo tired today.  We had a working bee earlier at the church ready for our big week-end coming up.

I only stitched on Crabby Crush this week - 10.50 hrs.  I did finish off Page 5 and make a start on page 6.  I will do another 20 rows before returning to Leaf.  Crabby Crush now has a beautiful puffed sleeve.
 The artwork of Hannah Lynn traslated so well to cross stitch.
Priceless Moment
Watching a young man yesterday who has given his life to the Lord  be baptised. Such a special moment.  His lovely wife is due to give birth any day to their second child. Is was a thrill to see someone so young dedicate their life to God.

Bittersweet Moment
I guess it could only be described as that.  Last night DD rang on Skype and we talked for nearly 2 hrs. Just watching that beautiful face - I wanted to reach out and touch her  and hold her.  The tears streamed down my face but I didn't let her know I was crying. She has been gone nearly 12 months now and I miss her soooooo much. I love you my child you are flesh of my flesh  and you are a part of me that can never ever be replaced or forgotten as long as I live.

Annette B


Anonymous said...

Crabby Crush looks absolutely wonderful - great progress!


Anonymous said...

Awww! (((hugs)))

I love CC! She's so pretty.

Ranae said...

She's so cute

Addicted to crafts said...

Your HAEDs are coming along so well.

Elaine said...

Crabby crush is fab Annette. Sorry you are feeling so tired and missing your daughter. Hugs!

Hazel said...

Beautiful CC! After my L fairy I am goin got do another haed. I need to decide which one. I have a few in my stash. They are all for my dd really. She wants me to do Breaking Dawn by cckuik but I have a couple of Hannah Disney ones as well. mmmmm choices... xx

Left Sox said...

You do such awesome work on your HAED's I hope mine move along as quickly and wonderfully as yours!

Terri said...

Great stitching Annette :)

Gizzimomo said...
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Gizzimomo said...

WOW! Crabby Crush is fantastic.... wonderful, wonderful work!!